Quicktime 7: Remove the security threat but keep the codec!

This is a brief tutorial on how to remove Quicktime 7 (hereafter QT) from Windows computers, but keep the codecs that some of us rely on.  There has been speculation in the press, and a statement released by Apple, that suggests QT may have some security holes and will no longer be supported for Windows machines. I used Adobe Premier Pro for my video editing, and I need the .MOV codec that QT provides to work on my camera files!



Step 1:

Remove QT from your Computer. Fully uninstall QT and reboot your machine.

Step 2: 

Download the latest version of QT (QT 7 at the time of writing) from the Apple website.

Step 3:

Follow these screenshots in installing QT:

Opening screen for QuickTime 7
Click ‘Custom Install’
Deselect ‘QuickTime Player’, but install everything else
Finalize install

You should now be able to continue using the codec pack that QuickTime provides, minus the potential security threats that the QuickTime Player provides!


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