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This is our pick of music from 2015, an article I co-wrote with other members of CSRfm:



I am the Head of Specialist and DJ Co-coordinator at CSRfm. This involves scheduling and organizing all ‘specialist’ show output on the station, which has an FM license with OFCOM. I also host ‘The Review Show’, which specializes on playing and discussing newly released music.

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Facebook: The Review Show with Joe and Elliot

Mixcloud: CSRReviewShow



(Left): An outside broadcast, from the lobby of the Student Media Centre, University of Kent. We covered the freshers’ fayre and interviewed guests.












(Right): Shameless studio camera pose with Ben Wilson, the presenter and producer of Flux Radio, on CSRfm. I helped Ben, as I do with other specialist presenters on CSRfm, get on air. This was the first live show he did. Unfortunately I cannot be held responsible for any mental scarring from viewing my facial expression in this photo…







csrchristmas(left): Recording the CSRfm Christmas Singles. I orchestrated setup and mixing of these tracks, with help to produce and create a final mixdown of these tracks.












2013 – On-going 

Along with Jack Winstanley (Station Manager, Cam FM), I produce a specialist dance music show that airs 9-11pm on Friday evenings during the summer vacation period in Cambridge. The show airs on Cam FM, a joint station between Cambridge University and Anglia Ruskin University.



I reinstated my secondary school’s internal radio station, TGR – Theale Green Radio, along with help from his friends. This involved redesigning and rebuilding the radio studio, a whole station re-brand and new social media links.

Theale Green Radio Logo


(Image below): The original Theale Green Radio Studio.

TGR 2012